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When first joining the travel industry I found it very confronting but soon realised that by drawing on my creative background I had the opportunity to bring something fresh and different to the party.

 After 18 years in the industry I am proud to say I developed these amazing visual itineraries that took the client on the journey before they even travelled leaving them nothing but excited. 

My itineraries gained a bit of fame and won awards and that’s because I’m truly passionate about what experience I create. Leisure is my real game. I’m often called the Maker of Memories. 

Whatever budget was presented it was met and supplied with more than expected. Having extensively travelled worldwide including the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Pacific I gained and understanding of just how much our dollar can support. Recognising that by providing a seamless experience one had the opportunity to comfortability experience the aesthetic of being somewhere wild and different.

From working with the film industry organising the necessary travel for film shoots and permits for talent and crew alike – along with some small and medium enterprises I learnt the importance of being efficient and glitch free. An essential part of any travel was a seamless experience.

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