Benefits of cruising

With a forecasted 24 million people worldwide opting for cruise holidays by 2020, cruising continues to prove extremely popular for singles, families and groups of friends.

Our Top Five benefits of Cruising

Choice of cruise options

A cruise holiday provides a range of options to choose from including expedition style cruising, river cruising and ocean cruising along with various styles and sizes of ships from smaller more intimate ships right through to mega ships such as Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas.

Ease of cruise holidays

Cruise holidays make it easy for those travellers who prefer to have most of their holiday included in the one itinerary and price. Depending upon where you are cruising, sometimes it means you can even board the ship from your hometown, making it perfect for those who love to travel but prefer not to fly.  When a cruise trip is booked, travellers can rest easy knowing no further calls have to be made, except to decide on where to dine and which shore excursions to book.

Value of cruise holidays

Cruises have proven to be one of the most economical ways to holiday. A lot of travellers love the idea of knowing up front just how much the majority of their holiday is going to cost as cruise holidays typically include meals, entertainment, accommodation and sometimes bonus on-board credit. The choice of cabin styles from 6 berth below deck to outside cabins with a balcony ensure that there is something for everyone.

Entertainment on cruise ships

You will never get bored on a cruise ship. It is commonly known and now expected that cruise ship entertainment is second to none. Cruise lines offer nightly entertainment including poolside bands, dinner theatre, piano bar acts, comedy and musical revues plus most of the bigger cruise ships have multiple dining options and an on-board casino. The variety and quality of on-board entertainment offered by cruise ships certainly contributes to the value offered by a cruise holiday and is also why so many people become avid cruisers.

Visit multiple destinations when cruising

The ability to visit not just one but multiple ports & countries during a cruise makes a cruise holiday ideal for many people. No other holiday offers a traveller this and the convenience of only unpacking once. The ship becomes your mode of transportation with no need to hire a car and navigate your way around foreign lands. Cruising is the perfect holiday solution for those wanting to just, well, cruise!

The rise in popularity of cruising for Australians has seen more ships in our waters. This combined with the rise in competition around the world amongst the cruise lines means Australians can secure some amazing cruise deals.

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