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England born and bred my passion for travel began in my early teens, when I was lucky enough to travel across my own country for work. I got to know the UK extremely well and quickly realised that exploring the UK, although beautiful wasn’t enough to quench my desire to travel.  I needed new experiences, culture, food and adventure.

I started to explore Europe in all it’s glory before I turned 21 and had expanded my travel knowledge to include Spain, Greek Islands, Italy and the Balearic Islands.

I was now of age to explore further afield, by this I mean I was of a legal age to participate in drinking activities in the USA! (very important for a 21-year-old). I decided to embark on a journey that would shape my future and joined the cruise company of Carnival Cruise Lines, where I spent years on the high seas as a Croupier.  This introduced me to many Caribbean islands along with many destinations within the USA and Mexico.

Things for travel changed for me slightly when I was 27yrs and had my son.  Our holidays became family friendly holidays, and they were some of my best holiday memories.  I certainly made sure that being a small family didn’t restrict me to continue to travel far and beyond, and believed that the knowledge I would instil in my son via cultural and new travel experiences would ensure he would be an open minded, kind, adventurous and an independent little human. He certainly is all those things and way more.

After exploring more of Europe, USA, Mexico and New Zealand as a family, we decided to make New Zealand our home where I would live for the next 9 years taking onboard any opportunities to explore all the beauty of this wonderful country.

I am lucky enough to work in this incredible industry of travel, I have visited Fiji many times, Hawaii, Bali, Chile in South America and lots of Australia, all of my experiences have allowed me to share my passion with my clients for many years.  Nothing is more satisfying to me, knowing that I am part of my client’s own memory making journey.  If that is starting from scratch like, your first ever flight, how exciting is that?! or your bucket list checklist, getting those amazing places and experiences ticked off.

If it’s doing it on a budget, if its middle of the road or 5*+ you’re after I cater for all. As well as having 100’s of satisfied loyal customers I welcome new customers to my travel family, each person as important as the last and the next. I look forward to creating some memories for you.


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