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I always look forward to enjoying the luxury & comfort which some of the South East Asian destinations offer along with the shopping options be it be night markets or luxury upmarket international brands.

My experience in travelling across the globe allows me to tell, show and describe to my clients my personal experiences so they can rely on the personal experience and advice for a destination and recommendation for an activity. With me you can be sure that I am your travel partner who knows more than just a brochure from the first page to last.

I love to plan to perfection to ensure the travel experience is enjoyable. As a reliable Travel Partner I fully understand the needs of a traveller given their busier lifestyles which means that they will prefer to call me or send an SMS or email for any changes in their travels, rather than be put on hold or email a generic customer service centre.

I also have passion for pursuing travel blogs and vlogs which allows me to create travel content full of virtual experience through traveller’s life’s unforgettable moments experienced during luxurious and adventure travels both near and far. You got to love technology to explore the world even before you have boarded a transport.

Through Travel Partners, Australia’s dynamic, independent travel agency committed to the best travel experiences I can provide you with tailored experiences and peace of mind when planning and purchasing your travel arrangements.

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